Boston: Gillette Stadium

Atlanta: Georgia Dome

Chicago: United Center

Dallas: Cowboys Stadium

Los Angeles: Rose Bowl

Orlando: Amway Arena

Denver: INVESCO Field

So did anybody besides me catch that last one? *whistles innocently* Hey, I never said I would make it, but I may as well try out with the other pitiful thousands just so I can say I did, if I'm still here by that point (Dates not decided yet). :P Thirty seconds of fame, and whatnot. *grin* Still, I would've liked to have done so with Elya or Daer or somebody, but I couldn't find any rules permitting (or denying) duets, and I don't know if she'll be here or not. :P And yes, I've already picked the song I have to sing a capella for a minute or less and no, it's not common at all that I know of. :P

Speaking of songs, my new favorite lullaby of the month:

Ho hum. Now I'm just rambling. :P So I'll let y'all go back to your happy existences.