Friday, July 17, 2009

ooo... Forest Guard!

Green's coming out, guys! :D It's about time, no? Even more interesting news... Ted Dekker's started this amazing promotion at...

Our job is to gather recruits and earn points. After we join the Forest Guard, this is what our assignment looks like.

It’s pretty easy…here’s some things to know and do right away...

  1. Email Updates: Add to your address book and watch for our email updates and also keep an eye on the “News” and “Special Missions” sections. We’ll give you new ideas for how you can be participating about once a week.
  2. Special Missions: Participate in the special missions we’ll be launching throughout this campaign. Check out the “Special Missions” page to read the latest on those and stay in the loop.
  3. Recruits: Learn about recruits under the “Recruits” page and find out why you should start finding your recruits right away.
  4. It’s Easy: Just do what you do naturally—talk to your friends and people in your community about Green and the Circle series. Read below to see how to use the cards we’ll send you.
  5. Rewards: Check out the amazing rewards available to you for your efforts on the “Rewards” page.
  6. Report back: Reports aren’t as intimidating as they sound…it takes about a minute to send in a report and a couple of clicks. Don’t worry…this isn’t like school. But we can’t reward you and give you credit for your work if you don’t tell us about everything you’re doing to get the word out. It’s really important that you go to “Earn My Points” all the time and send in reports about what you’ve done. All rewards will be decided based on your efforts and the points you’ve earned.
  7. It’s Up to You: Get creative and have fun! We know you have so many amazing ideas and know about things your friends love lots more than we do. We’re giving you the freedom to be as creative as you want to be.
The whole creative thing is a relief, admittedly, because now I can drop on people's heads all I want. :D :P

Your Primary Mission

Your biggest mission as a Forest Guard member is to help us find new recruits.

What’s a recruit?

A recruit is a new reader of Green and the Circle series.

Each time you find a new recruit, you need to get them to sign-up on the recruit page. When a new recruit signs-up, two things will happen:

1. They will receive exclusive offers on Green and other Ted Dekker books.

2. You will receive 100 points towards the Forest Guard rewards for each new recruit who uses your Forest Guard number.


1. Recruits must sign-up at in order to receive the special offers.

2. You will only get your 100 point credit for the recruits who use your Forest Guard number when they sign-up on that page, so be sure to tell everyone you influence to use your number.

3. Many of the Forest Guard rewards require that you get a certain number of recruits in order to qualify, so be sure to check out the rewards page to find out how many recruits you need based on what prize you hope to earn.

And of course, the rewards page is covered in gifs that I can't put onto my desktop, load to photobucket and put here. <_<>Rewards


Every Forest Guard will have the opportunity to earn the level of Lieutenant or Captain in the Forest Guard.


You must receive 600 points including 5 recruits. (You get 100 points for every recruit.)


You must receive 2000 points including 15 recruits. (You get 100 points for every recruit.)

In order to qualify for the Grand Prize, Runner-Up prize, 3rd place and 4th place prizes, you must have at least 50 recruits. Prizes will then go to the hardest working person who has done the best job and has the most points.

Lieutenant: Emailed certificate of lieutenant status, your name in the next Ted Dekker book under the list of Lieutenants.
Captain: Emailed certificate of captain status, your name in the next Ted Dekker book under the list of Captains, an advanced copy of Dekker's next book.
Fourth place: Set of signed Circle series
Third place: Ted Dekker Merchandise super pack... (and there's a lot there, I just can't see what a few of the things are without my glasses... oops?)
Runner up: One of three swords, Ted Dekker Merchandise super pack
Grand prize: Ted Dekker Merchandise super pack, and lunch with Dekker in Austin (trip paid for)

Time to throwdown the challenge... :P Come on. You know you want the shiny sword... ;) and it helps there are books involved...

So go sign up as a recruit, then go join the Forest Guard. "And remember when you've nicked 'im, it was me what told you so" ;) 5684 and don't forget to tell me you joined, so I know who I'm racing against. :P